Croatia – True camping destination

Croatia’s sea is the closest to Middle Europe. Its intended coast is 5 thousand km long and it has over a thousand islands. Geographically and climatically, it combines the characteristics of the Mediterranean, Middle Europe, Pannonian Valley, Danube basin, woody and hilly areas, and mountain peaks and ranges sloping and protecting the unique and unforgettable Adriatic coast. Its natural varieties and other elements make Croatia a country of contrasts, of past and present, epics and lyrics combining together. An important segment of tourism in Croatia is well-developed and largely present camping tourism, but also it’s selective part – naturism.

Many believe that Croatia is the most beautiful European garden and it has been for five decades an attractive naturist destination. The beginnings of naturist offer date back to 1936 when King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson visited Rab.

The naturism offer has constantly developed and the number of visitors is increasingly joining in. Croatia was the first European country to offer naturism several years ago! The culture and professional attitude of hospitable hosts developed in parallel with their wish to meet the demand for camping tourists. Organized construction of adequate specialized objects and an appropriate supply resulted in an increased number of tourists and in creating a proper reputation and image of Croatia as an ideal camping destination.

The offer is suited in the whole Croatia, from Savudrija to Dubrovnik, and tourists have the opportunity to enjoy in the real natural environment and experience a true balance through sports, healthy food, and hobbies neglected during the year. They enjoy the benefits of the sun, water, and air, live in nature and with nature, in a healthy, green and unpolluted environment. Croatia camping offer is here presented after the most recent examinations and testing. It has numerous loyal international followers, good and constant visitors, and camping beginners. Destinations that traditionally pursue and develop this type of tourism are able to meet the increasingly demanding camping tourists.

Author: Jerko Sladoljev

Photography: Luka Tambača

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