Sportfishing on the Lika river

The tradition of sportfishing in Gospić goes back a long time, to 1927, when the Sport Fishing Association of Lika was founded.

Today, the association manages the Lika River and its tributaries the Novčica, the Bogdanica, the Otešica, the Jadova, and the Glamočnica, as well as Lake Kruščica, which amounts in total to 155 km of waterways.

The waterways are home to many species of fish, the most well-known being the trout, the pike, the catfish, the grass carp, the Squalius cephalus, the tench, and the crucian carp.

The upper waterways, at the foot of the mountain of Velebit, are also the home of the endemic species “Croatian Pijor” (Phoxinellus croaticus), which lives only in these karst valleys.

Aside from the rivers, Lake Kruščica is also very interesting for sport fishermen. It is home to prize specimens of catfish (over 90 kg), carp (over 25 kg), pike (over 15 kg), and tench and the Squalius cephalus (over 3 kg).

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