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The IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website permits to use this website, provided that you are a person who is permitted to use the Internet services in accordance with Croatian law. By doing so, you take the opportunity to be informed and receive information via email. The LUX Agency is committed to protecting the privacy of users of the Website, except in the event of any severe breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use or illegal activities of the User. The IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website and the LUX Agency disclaim any responsibility for any damage resulting from your use of the Website.

Users outside Croatia agree to act in accordance with the Internet laws of the country of their origin, complying with the laws governing the export of data to or import of data into a particular country.

Terms of Use

By accessing to the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) you agree to comply with the LUX Agency Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to any of these Terms and Conditions of Use, please cease from the use of this site. 

The contents of the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website are protected by copyright law and related rights. No further use of copyrighted materials and transmitting of photographs and texts published on the Website is allowed, except solely for the purpose of personal non-commercial use, provided that downloaded and published photographs or texts contain the name of the author (moral copyright holder) and the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website as the source. For any other use of the published materials, except for the content of events and recommendations, it is necessary to contact the LUX Agency ( and to agree the terms of use and to request the written consent of the author. When transmitting content from the Website, the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website is to be stated as the source of information, unless another source is specified.

Any use of the published copyright content without the prior consent of the LUX Agency and without the name of the author of the photos and texts and IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA as the source, is a breach of copyright and related rights and is subject to criminal liability.

The LUX Agency is committed to specifying the name of each author of downloaded texts and photographs. Should commercial purpose be expressed, the LUX Agency shall contact the author/photographer and agree on a legal fee and terms of commercial use (including the third party).   

Users of the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA Website agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use, noting that the Terms and Conditions of Use may be amended and the changes will be duly set forth. No information (spoken or written) warrants anything not stated in the Terms and Conditions of Use. The LUX Agency’s failure to exercise or impose any right or provision of the Terms and Conditions of Use does not constitute a waiver thereof.

The LUX Agency does not guarantee the correctness and accuracy of use and the results of use of the materials available on the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA Website. The user shall assume the full cost of any necessary repairs, servicing or correction. In no event shall the LUX Agency be liable for damages resulting from the negligent or improper use of the material published on the Website, even if the LUX Agency or its authors have been advised of the possibility of such damages. 

All information and data on the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website have been collected from expert sources and released for information purposes. The LUX Agency cannot be held responsible for the consequences of their use. All information on the Website is for informational use only. The LUX Agency, as the sole owner of the Website, is not necessarily affiliated with the websites whose links are listed on the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website and is not responsible for their contents.  

Privacy policy – Newsletter

The LUX Agency sends promotional materials through digital communication channels to users of the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website, with whom, at some point, it has achieved some form of cooperation (subscribers) and who have provided us with contact information for such form of communication. The users of the Website have the right at any time to unsubscribe from the service of receiving promotional material via the Newsletter, and LUX will provide tools to enforce the right to delete the data from the notification database. The legal basis for processing the data for these purposes is the legitimate interest of the LUX Agency. 

The contact information of users, such as the name and email address, is necessary in case the user subscribes for receiving promotional material from the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website. Promotional material includes news on the Website and special offers (Newsletter). For sending the Newsletter, the LUX Agency may use the technical services of third parties. In that case, we only process the email address you submitted to receive the Newsletter, noting that the selected business partner uses it solely for the purpose of delivering the Newsletter, for the period of time you are subscribed to, and may not use it for other purposes. Except in the above case and under the above conditions, the LUX Agency shall not share with third parties your contact information provided by you by subscribing to the Newsletter.

A user who believes that the Website may have infringed his or her copyright may immediately report such content to the editorial department or to the LUX agency ( The LUX Agency will review any such complaint promptly and, in the event of violation, remove the content in question without delay.

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By accessing to the IRRESISTIBLE CROATIA website you agree to comply with the LUX Agency Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to any of these Terms and Conditions of Use, please cease from the use of this website.