The famous Skradin risotto

The famous Skradin risotto, celebrated by Anthony Bourdain on his TV show No Reservations is an iconic meal from Dalmatia. The dish takes between 8 and 10 hours to prepare and, traditionally, it is prepared by the men of Skradin.

High quality local ingredients are essential for preparing the Skradin risotto, but good humour and good company are also important, since the dish takes almost ten hours to prepare! One of important components of the dish is the stock.

Ingredients (approx. 10 people):

0.5 kg red onions

1.5 kg veal bottom round, cut to 3×3 cm cubes

300 g chicken fillet

1.5 kg arborio rice

Tomato purée

Olive Oil

Parsley, chopped

½ cup local Prosecco

Grated sheep cheese or Parmesan

Some butter

For the stock:

Veal shank

Veal neck

Free range chicken (chicken back and thigh)

Lots of root vegetables: carrots, parsley, celery, parsley leaf, a sheet of savoy cabbage and cabbage

Some tomatoes


Put all the ingredients in a large pot and cook them partly covered on low heat for as long as possible.

Sauté red onions on olive oil for 20 minutes and, after about ten minutes, season them lightly with salt to wilt. Then add veal cubes and sauté them, occasionally adding the stock until the meat is overcooked, i.e. until it turns into ‘paté’. Then add tomato purée, chicken fillet cubes and nutmeg to the mixture.

You can also add prosciutto cut into smaller pieces. Once the mixture has shortly boiled, add arborio rice, occasionally adding the stock, until the rice is cooked. Season the risotto with salt, pepper and nutmeg, and you can also add parsley. At the very end, add half a cup of local Prosecco, grated sheep cheese or Parmesan to the Risotto, and once it is cooked, stir in butter and let it rest a couple of minutes before serving. Sprinkle with grated cheese and serve with a stronger red wine.

Photo: Alan Grubelić

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