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Make your passion and your work one and the same and do it with people you want to be with.

R. Dalio

There are many unknown values in Croatia. “Irresistible Croatia”, long-standing independent activities and a great effort and dedication in collecting materials, became, with the publication of the largest printed catalog in the world in 2014, a quality basis for presenting these values and special features. “Irresistible Croatia” integrated our desire for a better and more transparent creation. The project is set up as self-sustaining, as an open system that we will all upgrade in the future by introducing new, wonderful ideas. It is expected that the interaction and interdisciplinary orientation of the authors from the LUX Agency and of distinguished contributors to the “Irresistible Croatia” project (45 articles, 375 pages, 80 authors, photographers, and institutions) would significantly influence the future social and tourist interaction of readers, visitors and all those having Croatia at heart. 

Our expectations have been fulfilled. Since 2014, “Irresistible Croatia” has had a positive impact through strong organizational synergy with all associates, destinations we operate in, and Croatia in general.

On the basis of the “Irresistible Croatia” project, the LUX Agency organized 7 congresses (health, sports, ecology, and sustainable tourism) and 7 conferences (religious tourism, diaspora, golf tourism). Lectures (220) and panel discussions (12) were held, aimed at expert and scholarly education and concept development of tourism in Croatia. Four volumes of research papers have been published, due to their specific topic and quality of international interest. All activities have been under ministries’ auspices and followed by all relevant institutions. The Government of the Republic of Croatia, through the conclusions made at our meetings, develops plans, strategies, and laws on specific forms of tourism.

The next expected movement was to establish the website you are reading. By segmenting the market, we have identified the position for our virtual edition – the “Irresistible Croatia” website, where we have combined our knowledge and experience in one place. We are expanding our network of activities, driven by the desire for sustainable development and the quality promotion of Croatia in the world. We are happy that our new web project launched in 2019 is available to the public and especially to visitors and tourists who will meet irresistible Croatia through innovative, educational, and interesting content. Carefully prepared materials, texts, and photos are signed by our associates – experts and business and tourist institutions.

We would like to thank everyone for recognizing our intentions and for working devotedly on our project. Special acknowledgments go to our dear friends and their supportive positive energy.

Together we are all Irresistible Croatia. 

If you wish to cooperate and support the development of “Irresistible Croatia” feel free to contact us.
Contact: info@lux-promocija.com