The Vojak Tower

Vojak is the highest peak in Učka Nature Park; it is also the highest peak on the Istrian peninsula, rising 1,401 metres above sea level.

The Vojak Tower was built in 1911 to benefit from the mountain’s wonderful panoramic views of Istria, the Kvarner Bay with the islands, the mountains in the Gorski kotar area, Mount Velebit, the Alps, and Italy.

The tower was built by mountain climbers and nature enthusiasts from the Österreichischer Touristen Club in the Austro-Hungarian period. During World War I, it served as an Austro-Hungarian military and naval lookout post.

Antun Cerovečki / Vojak

After the massif of Mount Učka and one part of Ćićarija mountain range were declared the Učka Nature Park in 1999, the Vojak Tower became the symbol of the park. To preserve the area’s cultural and historical heritage and the long tradition of climbing to Učka’s highest peak and observation tower, as well as to make the most of the splendid panoramic views, the Učka Nature Park Public Institution renovated the tower completely in 2004. Today, the tower includes an information office, a souvenir shop and an observation deck equipped with telescopes offering magnificent views of the surrounding landscapes.

The following routes are recommended for climbing Vojak:

Poklon – Vojak

Vela Učka – Sedlo – Vojak

Mala Učka – Sedlo – Vojak

Lovranska Draga – Mala Učka – Vojak


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