Lake Bilje – Old Drava

Lake Bilje or “Old Drava”, as the inhabitants prefer to call it, is situated at the entrance of Bilje settlement and is also one of the most desirable hot spots for many nature lovers.

Nature here is enchanting and provides relaxation in all four seasons, whereas for artists it serves as an inspiration for their artistic creativity. For others, Lake Bilje provides many other activities such as sport angling, which is probably the most desirable activity. A “Bilje Lake” Rowing Club can be found by the lake, where the visitors can rent canoes and row along the Bilje Lake waters. This is an ideal hot spot for hiking, biking, or horseback riding, whereas, during Summer, the visitors can refresh themselves by swimming in the lake or simply play beach volleyball.

This location has been recognized by sports professionals too, who chose Lake Bilje, for the Croatian Aquathlon Championship. Next year, the Coarse Angling World Championship for Nations will be held at Lake Bilje, which will certainly contribute to the development of tourism in our destination.

Lake Bilje is definitely a location that serves as a motive for tourists to visit Bilje Municipality.


Photography: Mario Đurkić

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