The 15th Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival

From 11th to 13th September 2020, the 15th Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival will be held in Ogulin – the homeland of fairy tales on the already famous festival locales.

With its synergy of natural beauties and many cultural-educational contents, everyone who wants to experience a fairy tale will enjoy the Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival. This unique project in Croatia was inspired by the creativity of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić whose hometown as a unique connection of natural beauties with the many myths and legends was an inexhaustible source of inspiration in moments of the creation of the most famous collection of fairy tales in Croatia, Ivana’s Stories of Long Ago:

The first powerful impressions that I can remember came from Ogulin. From the first of these visits, I remember the special excitement that the unusualness of the surroundings and the local people’s costumes made me feel inside. The strange and striking shapes of Klek and the romance of the River Dobra provided my imagination with so much food that far into the night I rolled the strangest images and fantastic possibilities around in my thoughts: what was being played out in the depths of the night around Klek? Strangely, my imagination did not assume mighty, turbulent and incessant scenes, played out by fantastic, mostly heroic, now historic now biblical creatures, all in some kind of bond, and all with some hazy patriotic aim, on the peak of Klek but instead in its interior. Moreover, I did not keep these images that presented themselves to me as a creation of my imagination but as a discovery that from a distance portrayed the true inner life of Klek.

Today Ivana and the characters from her fairy tales in Ogulin – the homeland of fairy tales are the hosts to all fairy tale writers and fairy tales of the world.

This year the Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival with continue to nurture and extol the character and creativity of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, bringing together aspects of the inspiration, creation, and inception of the artistic work that is still an inspiration to new generations. The festival offers a rich and varied program over three full days. Through the celebration of fairy tales, the interaction of the performers and visitors, the Ogulin Fairy Tale Festival wants to offer a special experience of togetherness and to encourage people to participate creatively in the festival, especially to families and children.

The diverse program includes something for everyone: some of the best Croatian produced children’s shows, animation and street theatre, storytelling, educational, presentation and creative workshops, quizzes and much more.


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