The irresistible charm of tradition – Hotel Korčula de la Ville

Hotel Korčula de la Ville, a vintage old-school lothario, located on the coast in the heart of the historic center of the town of Korčula, not far from the city harbor – a hotel which has, for over a century, delighted travelers, guests, tourists, and hikers with its irresistible charm.

Hotel de la Ville, as it was named in 1912, was the first city hotel that, while harmoniously embedded in the lace-like stonework of the City, illuminated the zeitgeist with its belle epoque flare.

This reputation has turned it into a monument of the tourist tradition of Korčula, and you can still feel this flattering praise as you step into the discreet shade of its spacious, hospitable terrace. A unique view of the Pelješac channel, which buzzes with the liveliness of sailing, yachting, boating, and surfing during the day, provides an amazing view of the spectacular sunset in the evenings.

Unsurprisingly, many celebrities and other famous people, like King Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson, the English writer Rebecca West, Jackie Kennedy, Sofia Loren, Henry Moore, and others have visited it throughout the whole century of its existence.

With its new look and after a complete renovation of the hotel in 2015 – credited to one of the most famous Croatian architects Duje Kaliterna, who is also credited with the masterful restorations of many luxury hotels and villas throughout the Adriatic coast – Hotel Korčula de la Ville can begin a new journey.

On one of the islands most beautiful terraces, which has attracted select company for a variety of occasions throughout its long history, you will always find a safe haven and serenity, shade and refreshment, a place for you to have fun with a lot of people or relax in a lonely corner; quests can feel the magical grandeur of its constancy even today. On hot summer days and evenings, in the atmosphere of the G&T Club Lounge, which occupies most of the terrace, guests can enjoy dozens of different G&T varieties, which blend perfectly with little bites of top Mediterranean interpretation dishes. On the other hand, for those more inclined to slow, ritual enjoyment of food – the Brasserie, a newly opened Hotel Korčula de la Ville restaurant, is ready to introduce you to original interpretation dishes of the island and the sea.

The irresistible offer of this hotel is the moment when you step into the interior of the hotel reception, which, through its serene and hospitable whiteness, invites you to experience the adventure of staying in one of the rooms while signifying countless possibilities of a series happy events awaiting you when you unlock the doors of its chambers and see the calming elegance of its halls.

These are the spaces that inspired many young couples to celebrate their wedding. The charm of this timeless old-school Lotharios rooms reminds us of adventures straight out of our favorite novels.

There are countless new stories written by the arrival of each new guest. However, the most important thing is to transform these experiences into the most beautiful memories.


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