Velebit House

Velebit House is a visitor and information center for visitors to the Northern Velebit National Park. It is located in the Village of Krasno, one of Croatia’s largest mountain settlements. Its recognizable, modern, and attractive content, makes it possible to present the natural and cultural values of the Park throughout the whole year. Here you can find out what to visit and to experience in the Park, Krasno and its surroundings, and buy tickets and souvenirs.

Velebit House is spread over four floors and covers a number of thematic ensembles intertwined and interspersed with each other so that the richness of Velebit, its diversity, and its cultural and natural value can be better displayed. In Velebit House, you will learn more about the climate, species and habitats, cultural heritage, geology, and underground of Northern Velebit. An emphasis is placed on the deep caves as a special peculiarity of the Park. You will become acquainted with the geology and process that created the caves, research history, and techniques and gain insight into the specific animal world of the underworld. The special attraction has to be the experience of entering the caves through a special ‘lift’.

The centre of the story are humans and their direct and indirect influence on nature and natural values. In the past, the inhabitants of Velebit lived a nomadic life; cutting the woods, tending livestock, building stone dwellings – shepherd’s shelters and dry-stone walls – and creating new habitats such as grasslands, ponds and the like and have influenced the variety of plant and animal species.

In Velebit House, you will meet a large part of this diversity – various insects and birds, large beasts, endemic plant species adapted to extreme living conditions… But the value of this mountain is not only in the number of plants, animal, and fungal species but also in the diversity of its landscape. The reason for this is the many superficial karstic forms – sinkholes, ridges, crags, limestone pavements… to name just a few. But the story of how they came to be is told in Velebit House!

And what is actually most valuable is in the underworld and is inaccessible to most visitors. These are our deep caves inhabited by a whole unique world of specific fauna that has had to adapt to life in constant darkness. Once again, humanity is intrigued by the underworld and has begun to explore the fascinating dark world which constantly surprises us by the newly discovered animal species.

For a moment, become a speleologist and explore with us the ‘Lukina Jama’ in Velebit House.

And the Planinci too live in Velebit House!

How to get here: Velebit House is located at Krasno, near the main road.

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