A legend of Ludberga

Ludbreg is situated in Ludbreg’s Podravina, which is a part of upper Croatian Podravina. According to an old legend from this place in old times were described Earth’s circles and on their brims were positions of a European metropolis.

Old Romans have built here their Castrum Iovia with forums and thermae. On the other side of the Earth is situated our antipode, small South-Pacific volcanic island Antipodes.

On the Holy, Trinity Square are concentric circles of the Centre of the World. Each year during the celebration of the Day of the Centre of the World on the circles are being placed titles of friend towns with their names.

Art historian and restaurateur DR. Erasmus Wedding discovered a legend of Ludberga in a document from 1776 found in Varaždin. Ludberga was a beautiful and educated daughter of the estate manager who was in service of lord Bela II. As a 16-year-old girl, she was seduced by the Satan in the form of the knight Urlik, who she had son Theobald with. She took care of her son, worked as a maid, and helped the sick and poor ones. The second time the Satan came in the shape of a hermit and tried to seduce beautiful Ludberga.

Running away from the evil, she found shelter at a little wine grower’s house and soon became a winegrower. She was giving wine to churches, chapels, and monasteries, and it was known as very curative. In her maturity, Ludberga was very beautiful so the Satan came as a rich lord who wanted to buy her vineyard. In her rage, she clenched the Satan with a wooden cross into the ground, and at the same time at the opposite part of Earth exploded Antipodravina and remained only a small volcanic island Antipodes. A proof of this event is a source of salty water. Ludberga died on her land, and her symbols are wine-press, chalice, and grapes.

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