Via Dinarica smaragd path – Ogulin, welcome to the empire of the witches of Klek

Welcome to the Route through the emerald heart of Croatiathe Green Line of Via Dinarica – Ogulin, down which a route stretches from Kamačnik via Klek and Modruš all the way to Plaški.

If there is anything simple, then it is to be active in Ogulin!

The town that is located in a spacious valley, in the heart of continental Croatia, is best known to nature lovers for Klek mountain. This is understandable because the idea for the first national mountaineering association emerged on Klek in 1874. From whichever side you approach its 1,181-metre-high peak it is reminiscent of a sleeping giant. This is why there are famous legends about Klek’s witches and Slavic gods.

The road to Klek leads from Ogulin to the village of Bjelsko where there is a marked mountain path. When you reach the board with the inscription Dobrodošli u carstvo klečkih vještica (Welcome to the Empire of Klek’s Witches) you are already at 1,000 meters above sea level, at the foot of the peak of Klek. Here you will find a small mountain lodge that is open at weekends. There is still half an hour’s climb until you reach the flat rocky top with a view that is worth every drop of sweat!

If you are not in the mood or fit enough for climbing and heights then there are two wild rivers in the spacious valley: the Dobra and the Zagorska Mrežnica. On the River, Dobra is Lake Bukovnik, to which a wonderful green path leads from the town Ogulin that you can walk down alongside the Dobra all the way from the canyon to the lake. On the Zagorska Mrežnica River is the Sabljaci Lake. At Sabljaci is the Sabljaci Camp, a new modern campsite with 26 plots.

A variety of outdoor activities are available at Sabljaci Lake: cycling, sailing, walking, swimming, and fishing. You can hire SUP boards and bicycles at the Sabljaci campsite. At the start of the lake, there is a restaurant where apart from traditional dishes there is also a large choice of pasta. If you want to stay all weekend, apartments and holiday homes are an option.

Have an active break, besides the clean rivers, picturesque mountains, and accompanying gastronomic treats. In Ogulin, this is simple!


Photography: Luka Tambača

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