Vukovar For All Times

If you’re itching to take your first trip now that the restrictions have been lifted and want privacy and freedom in one place, Vukovar’s your number one destination.

Trends in tourism have changed overnight. Now that we can travel once more, the focus is on relatively close destinations offering safety, isolation, unspoiled nature, active tourism, excellent food and wine, first-rate accommodations, and affordable prices. Tourist oases that have escaped mass tourism and yet meet all the needs of the modern traveller are the big hit. Vukovar is exactly such a place and an excellent choice for everyone who can’t wait to travel.

From cultural and active tourism to stunning nature and traditional gastronomy, Vukovar has it all. There’re at least five reasons why it’s never been closer.

  1. Vacation homes, suites, excursion sites…

Far away from the bustle of traffic, Vukovar’s vacation homes, suites and excursion sites are located in quiet and private parts of the city, next to the forest, on the bank of the Danube, or in Vukovar’s picturesque surroundings, offering exactly what you need right now: freedom and privacy in the company of your loved ones. They’re ideal for everyone who wants to spend some quality time with friends or family, but also everyone who’d like to avoid conventional hotel accommodations at this time. Featuring beautiful gardens and swimming pools, modern or traditional, they’re a great starting point to explore the city lying on two rivers, the Danube and the Vuka, where the plains of Slavonija meet the hills of Srijem. Intimate boutique accommodations are just one of the seven topics of the new videoclips by the City of Vukovar Tourism Board, providing a modern presentation of its attractive offer.

  1. Danube cruise

Vukovar may not have a sea, but it has the Danube. The Vukovar Walkway is stunning, but if you want to truly experience the river and the city from a new perspective, take the Vukovar Waterbus, a tourist panorama boat that’s operating again. The slow, one-hour cruise will take you on a tour of almost all of Vukovar’s attractions, from Borovo to Vučedol, including the sandy island Ada, which transforms into a favourite beach for the locals during the summer. After the cruise, be sure to visit the baroque city centre, a protected historical complex featuring astonishing examples of architecture, also on foot.

  1. An active vacation

The people of Vukovar are very fond of their Adica, a centuries-old park-forest located two kilometres from the city centre. A hike is a great choice for everyone who’s looking to get back in shape. If you’re looking for an active vacation, a bike tour of the picturesque villages, vineyards and forests is an option too. Local Vineyard Trail and Srijem Circular Route, which is linked with the international Danube cycling route Eurovelo 6, both pass through Vukovar. If you haven’t brought your own bike, no worries: city bikes and mountain bikes are both available to rent in the city, and if you’d like to experience a true family adventure, you can even rent a quadricycle.

  1. Vukovar’s museums

Vukovar’s museums are modern, captivating, award-winning and highly recommended, especially the Vučedol Culture Museum, dedicated to the members of the ancient culture who lived here 5,000 years ago. The good news is that the Vukovar City Museum at the Eltz baroque castle is open again, along with all memorial sites, social distancing is a must.

  1. Urban scene

There’s no trendsetter who doesn’t own at least one pair of Startas and Borosana shoes from Vukovar’s factory Borovo and at least one La Donna T-shirt signed by two Vukovar-based designers, just as there’s no beer buff who’s not familiar with Vukovarsko pivo or Walkow craft beer. The city’s baroque facade hides a bustling cultural scene. Vukovar is a street art centre, with murals, 3D amorphous paintings and graffiti in its walkways and streets that everyone loves. You’ll find that Vukovar is one of the most beautiful open-air galleries and that the slogan #VukovarForAllTimes really suits it perfectly.


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