Zavratnica cove

If you are planning an excursion that will discover new and interesting destinations to you, make sure to visit Zavratnica – one of the most beautiful coves of the Croatian coast, protected in the category of significant landscapes.

When it comes to its origins, Zavratnica is actually a submerged torrent valley with canyon cliffs approximately 100 meters high. The length of the cove is approximately 900 meters, and the width varies between 50 to 150 meters. The site dates back to the Cretaceous period, and it is marked by a number of talus cones that were formed and then stopped by the relief or by the planting of trees and low shrubs. There are 129 plant species in Zavratnica, 100 of them autochthonous, and 29 allochthonous.

Towards the beginning of the 20th century, a trail with a viewpoint above the cove was built, together with a walking path along the sea. Back then, Zavratnica became a hidden summer resort of the Viennese and Prague elite.

The blue shades of the sea in the cove contrast with the grey shades of the stone of Velebit, green color of sparse vegetation, and dark clouds of tree shadows that cover only some parts of the trail in hot summer days. No wonder that the renowned author Vjenceslav Novak was also unable to resist the attractiveness of Zavratnica, having found inspiration for his work on this site.

You can reach Zavratnica by taking a half-hour walk from Jablanac (42 kilometers south of Senj) along a walking trail by the sea. If you are interested in a hiking adventure, you can also reach the cove along a hiking trail from the village of Zavratnica.

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