Novalja beaches

You will not find many places on the Adriatic coast like Novalja, which boasts gorgeous natural beaches in its immediate surroundings. Whether you head north, south, east, or west of Novalja, you will come across beaches unparalleled in their beauty that guarantee thoroughly enjoyable and safe relaxation. The sandy and shingle beaches are quite spacious and allow easy access to the pristine sea, making them especially suitable for families with children. They form a ring of sorts around Novalja within a radius of 1-13 km. All beaches can be accessed by car and have well-developed parking lots.

CASKA beach

Caska beach is located on the site of an erstwhile Roman town that, according to legend, sank in the 4th century following an earthquake. It is a family beach with sandy access to the sea, catering establishments, and a free parking lot for about 100 visitors. The beach is perfect for families with children.

Did you know?

  • That the remains of the sunken Roman town of Cissa can be found at the bottom of the sea in the immediate vicinity of the beach.
  • And that the only preserved stone tuna observatory (“tunera”) is located in the Caska cove.

ZRĆE beach

The most beautiful and eye-catching beach in Novalja is once again the top tourist hotspot this year. With its unique natural features, the turquoise blue sea, a plethora of catering facilities, and pebbly access to the sea, Zrće beach remains the most well-developed and eventful beach in Novalja! Deck chairs, white canopies, a well-manicured walkway, showers, pedal boats, tubes, and jet skis comprise the tourist offer, which caters to all tastes and ages, while its impressive size (450 m x 80 m) guarantees plenty of space and a safe holiday in Novalja! Take home with you this year’s most beautiful postcard by making sure you visit Zrće beach!

Did you know?

  • That Kalypso, the first beach bar in Novalja, opened in 1987 and jumpstarted the club scene at Zrće beach?
  • That the British magazine DJ Mag ranked Zrće clubs among the 100 best clubs in the world?

Lokunje beach

The Novalja town beach that straddles the southern edge of the Novalja cove. It is pebbly, shallow, and warm, with a soothing and reinvigorating green belt, which is perfect for the hot summer days. The vicinity of the hotel complexes, clean beaches, the warm sea, and other amenities, such as catering establishments, beach volleyball courts, and the proximity of the town centre sets Novalja apart from everyone else.

Did you know?

  • Lokunje used to be the locals’ favourite beach.
  • That Liburnija, the first hotel in Novalja, was built in the 1960s and is located at Lokunje?

PLANJKA beach (Old Novalja)

This warm, shallow, and well-developed beach, covered in fine sand, is located in the heart of Old Novalja. It is s family beach that is perfect for children and unwinding during the hot summer days. Catering facilities, restaurants, beach bars, pedal boats, jet skis, swings, and little children’s houses at Planjka beach are tailored for families with children.

Did you know?

  • That Planjka has been a Blue Flag beach since 2004 thanks to its high level of development and offer of amenities.
  • That it is a two-time recipient of the Tourism Flower Award for the most beautiful and developed beach in the Adriatic.

PLAT beach (Zubovići village)

This stunning, 150-m long sandy beach is located 1 km south of the village of Zubovići. The beach is mostly visited by individuals and families with children and offers amenities, such as deck chairs, parasols, a catering establishment, pedal boats, and kayaks. Thanks to its astoundingly beautiful and moonlike visage, Plat beach has often been used as a backdrop in foreign films.

Did you know?

  • That a section of the beach is pet-friendly?
  • That the last movie shot at Plat beach is the 2018 Italian drama directed by the renowned Academy Award winner Gabriel Salvatores – “Volare” or “Don’t Be Afraid If I Hug You”?

Beriknica/Beritnica (Metajna village)

Beriknica is a lovely shingle beach near another beach, Ručica, south of the village of Metajna. There is no natural shade or catering establishments at the beach, whose most prominent feature is three rocks aligned in the shallow water. The beach can only be accessed by sea or by taking a 20-minute walk through the canyon’s irresistible moonlike landscape. Often hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia, this tranquil cove is a perfect spot for recharging.

Did you know?

That Beriknica beach is one of the stages of Life on Mars, the most famous Croatian trail running race and thanks to its stunning features, it was chosen as the shooting location for photo editorials by the globally renowned fashion magazines, such as Vogue Latin America and Harper’s Bazaar, music videos, sporting equipment ads, and foreign films?


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