Knight’s society Kumpanija is a folk ensamble that keeps traditional dances and costoms from Blato. The most interesting is the sword dance Kumpanija that is accompanied with a drum and a bagpipe. During the summer Kumpanija and other dances are performed weekly on the square in front of the parish church...

Sword dance Kumpanija or “the battle dance“, as it is traditionally called, presents the tradition of the local militia that used to protect the town because there were no walls around it to keep the invaders out. So the people of Blato formed the militia. The practice and exercise of that militia developed into the sword dance.
Accompanied with the drum and the bagpipes, the dancer’s follow the captain performing different combination. The dance ends in the sword duels. Very interesting is the dance of the flag-bearer with the flag three meters long and two meters high. The main performance of Kumpanija is on the Day of Blato on April 28. On that occasion Tanac, couples dance from the end of 17th century, follows the sword dance. During the summer Kumpanija and Tanac are performed weekly on the church square as well as other dances in picturesque costumes.

Knight’s society Kumpanija is founded in 1927 and is constantly active on keeping the Blato’s folklore heritage. The society collects and preserves tangible and intangible heritage of Blato: costumes, music instruments, songs, dances, recipes etc. The society often performs in Croatia and Europe.

Author: tzo-blato.hr / visitdubrovnik.hr

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