Ecomuseum Vlaški Puti

The Ecomuseum Vlaški Puti (Vlach Paths) is a place of valorisation and presentation of the social
history and traditional culture of Šušnjevica and nearby surroundings through the concept of a
cultural landscape.

It consists of the Interpretation Centre and the Media Library, situated in the old
local school, and the walking theme paths through the Nature Park Učka, directly connected with the
life and activities of the community. In its organization, the Interpretation Centre with the theme paths and the landscape interpretation is based on the concept of ecomuseology, i.e. a holistic approach to the heritage and active engagement of the local community in the interpretation and management of their own cultural heritage.


The mission of the Interpretation Centre and the Ecomuseum Vlaški Puti is to valorise and present
the social history and the traditional culture of Šušnjevica and the surrounding villages with particular
emphasis on transfer of knowledge about the Vlach (so called Istro-Romanian) language and culture.


The vision of the Interpretation Centre and the Ecomuseum is to be a referential spot in the local
community for taking care of one’s own cultural patterns, a support to the professional public in the
culturological (linguistic, ethnological, historical and other humanities) research and a host to the wider public in familiarizing them with the wealth of Šušnjevica, the surrounding villages and the
Nature Park Učka through an experience of the local culture and the appertaining landscape.


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