The new visual identity of Brac’s favorite little town – Milna, a beauty renewed

Creatively refreshed with some new and appealing photography points, Milna is a real treat for visitors – be this little town’s volunteer ambassadors and beautify your news feed on social media with some gorgeous island aesthetics in a new guise.

Absolutely nobody can resist the alluring swings located on the beach which offer a truly sensational feeling of swinging over the crystal clear Adriatic sea just below your feet. You can find them on the beautiful Bijaka beach and in Bobovišća na moru. If you want to pose like a real trendsetter, choose a suitable outfit, and don’t forget a glamorous hat with a large brim for the final touch.

Bikes that arrive right to your heart. (Bicikli koji stižu do srca)

Although fixed to the surface, brightly colored bicycles enriched with the same kind of flowers are places to take photos that have easily found their way to the hearts of passing tourists. They’re turned towards the beautiful Milna Bay, where, as a result of the idyllic ambiance, guests have taken many photographs before.

In Bobovišća, you will be greeted by a purple bicycle accompanied by a statue of the famous Milna poet Vladimir Nazor, and an idyllic wave in the background, and in Ložišća, a cheerful-looking yellow bicycle with the most breathtaking motif in the background of all awaits you – the Ložica bell tower, which is remarkably beautiful, made by no less than Ivan Rendić himself!

When spending time in Ložišća, you will also likely stumble across a cute little bench, from which there is an excellent view of the aforementioned bell tower, with which many stories are connected.

Umbrellas which carry a touch of serenity

With them also await you. Everyone who finds these umbrellas will realize that when in Milna, the sight of an umbrella doesn’t necessarily mean bad weather is afoot at all – the beautiful, famous Brač stone enriched with brightly colored umbrellas is a sight that seems as if it has come straight out of a living picture book, and the same can be said for the big red love heart placed on a lookout high above

Bobovišća na moru – a photo point that will, apparently, be adored by couples too!


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