The Grain Boat

Historically, Karlovac was a boating town, and even to this day, the houses along the Kupa have paths leading to the very bank, the wooden boats are a common sight, while rowing is a popular sport even among children. Boatbuilding used to be a common trade, challenging us to try and build a traditional Kupa boat. We have accepted the challenge and today you can board the grain boat ‘Zora’, a replica of the boats that used to ply the Kupa river in the 18th century. 

This unique European attraction is going to take you back in time, show you how grain was transported by boats, along the Kupa and the Sava rivers. That was also how Karlovac was connected to the rest of Croatia, but also to the Danube and the distant Timişoara. This tumbas is one of the three types of riverboats of the Karlovac boatmen’s guild, the most prosperous town guild of the Illyrian movement period. Today, the ‘Zora’ dock is in the Brođani village, some 15 km from Karlovac.

The boat will take you through different ages and show you the value of the ancient oak it was built from. The ride lasts an hour and a half, complete with a tasting of the homemade flavored liqueurs and traditional homemade cookies. Our boatmen will entertain you with the stories of the boat, of the area’s history, of sunken boats, and the rich flora and fauna. Visitors can enjoy the ride accompanied by traditional music, buy traditional products, drinks, jams, or unique souvenirs. They will also see the remnants of the old railway bridge destroyed during the Croatian War of Independence, the Pauline monastery, and the church of St. Mary of the Snows in Kamensko.

Just like with all the boats and ships in the world, this one also often has company: gulls. But chatty wild geese, playful otters, or reticent, busy beavers are also a common sight. The bravest passengers can try their hand at the helm, with the skipper’s help, while the youngest ones can keep watch beside the boat’s bell, in case a lone angler in his little boat gets in the way.

Journey schedule:

Individual visitors: every Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 am, reservation is recommended
Groups: terms agreed upon every day

For more information :

GSM: +385 95 350 3833, +385 98 171 6423


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