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Have you ever visited a place where peaceful nature is louder than noise, where caves are hiding the secrets of the underworld, and the way of life is still warm and homely? Well, you have to. Visit Perušić. Visit the Lika region. This is a destination of active and speleological tourism, perfect for you and your family because of its breathtaking nature, very well-organized hiking, cycling, and educational trails.

Old town Perušić rises above the modern settlement and tells us a story about its turbulent history, dating back for almost a millennium, while the whole other world of caves sleeps under its foundations. All the picturesque villages in the area, like Kaluđerovac and Kosinj valley, are hiding incredible historical and natural resources. Discover the magic of the Perušić area like you have never experienced before…

Natural heritage

Mystical underground, with plenty of caves hidden under the green hills, makes this a special place. The beautiful landscape appears so calm and above all necessary for today’s way of life. On a relatively small area, you can find a diversity of plant and animal species in a different type of habitat, classified as endangered or endemic.

Cave park Grabovača

Cave park Grabovača is the only cave park in Europe that invites visitors to experience the magic of the underworld. Visit the cave Samograd which is illuminated and opened for visitors in 1889. The entire cave was formed in the upper limestone. There are two dripstone bridges in the cave, dripstone cave flows, conic stalagmites, and stalactites. Scientists believe that the cave is 2 million years old.

In this small area, it’s possible to find eight different caves and one pit. They represent diverse and valuable cave stone and crystal formations -25% of all protected caves in Croatia are located here.

Lika River

is the second-longest subterranean river in Europe and the longest river in the Lika region which springs in the mountain Velebit at 600 m above sea level. It stretches along the Ličko polje( Lika valley) and flows through the karst area and then submerges under the mountain.

Lake Kruščica

Artificial lake (reservoir) on the river Lika that emerged for the needs of a hydroelectric plant, named after a village that was evacuated and flooded. Once in a decade, the lake is drained and the remains of the former village are revealed. Lake is popular for swimming, hiking, kayaking but also for fishing. With a proper permit, it’s possible to catch a large species of carps, pikes, and catfish.

Be active

Spend your time, your precious moments in touch with pure nature. Spend your holidays in the heart of the Lika region, in Perušić!!!

Perušić is a paradise for speleologists because of its cave diversity but its also a place for recreation and family excursions. Well-marked cycling trails, hiking trails, thematic educational trails for kids, eco playground, and viewpoints are waiting just for you. For the ones, who like more adrenaline it’s possible to rent a kayak or canoe. By taking a ride through the canyon of the Lika river, you can discover all the beauty and wildness of the place. Hunting and fishing lovers will also find opportunities for their active vacation. During the summer months, you can take a swim in the river Lika and freshen up.

Dark green colors of water and amazing surroundings it’s a natural stress-free zone that gives a special charm to every season of the year.

Find your hidden places that can’t be enough described, but must be experienced. The area is so magical and real, whose beauty everyone experiences differently. Relax and enjoy the wonderful feelings of happiness, love, and freedom. Discover the magic of active holidays in Perušić, which you have never experienced before.

Historical and cultural heritage

Old town Perušić

Through the centuries-old fortress was home to noble family Perušić and defense fort during the Ottoman Empire. By the end of the 17th century, it started collapsing while at foot of the hill new settlement (Perušić) started slowly growing. In historical records, the Old town had square-shaped walls with guard towers on three corners.

Church of the Exaltation of the Saint Cross

The rich medieval gothic church that was built between the 13th and 14th century AD, converted into a mosque during the Ottoman reign. After the Ottomans, it was reassigned into the catholic church. The inscription above the entrance doors In hoc signo vinces means In this sign you will conquer, which is interpreted as the victory of the cross over the crescent moon.

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