Greet summer with the Lavender Festival

June and July are months when the island of Hvar is purple, just like the color of a lavender flower.

Across Velo Grablje and Brusje all the way to the town of Hvar, you can see fields of Hvar lavender that are known for their scent all over the world. Since the island of Hvar is one of the sunniest in the Mediterranean, and the sun is what makes lavender so fragrant, it is not surprising that the island is also known as the island of lavender. Lavender is very important to the inhabitants of Velo Grablje, the village famous for Hvar lavender and where the association “Piover” originated – the initiators of ​​the manifestation that would celebrate this flower.

The festival usually begins at the end of June, this year it will begin in July and marks an educational, economic, cultural, and tourist event that celebrates the long tradition of growing and producing lavender.

Of course, the festival is all about lavender: lavender marmalade, lavender cream, lavender candles, lavender ice cream, lavender honey, lavender paintings, and Lavanderman – the famous comic book hero.

During the two-day festival, a series of interesting and educational workshops are held, together with cultural, artistic, educational, and social events. In addition to workshops suitable for all generations, there is also an exhibition as well as special events for children, while visitors will also be able to witness the way lavender oil is made through distillation.

The tradition of lavender production is an important part of the island lifestyle. This small bush full of purple flowers has certainly enabled many islanders a prosperous life. These days what has changed is that a wide variety of souvenirs is produced from lavender, whereas before, only oil was produced, which was then sold to cosmetic manufacturers. You can buy lavender souvenirs at every island souvenir shop or at the stands.

Therefore, before returning home from Hvar, be sure to taste lavender ice cream, whose taste will remind you throughout the year of one of the most beautiful islands, until you return again.


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