Bicycle Trails of Novalja

With the synergy of all Tourist Boards of the island and thinking in the direction of the development of outdoors on the island of Pag, an agreement was signed with the intention to shape the island of Pag into a unique, harmonized, and market-established destination for outdoor tourism.

The island of Pag is rich in trails that connect the villages and can be used for walking or cycling. Some of them offer real adventure and require professional sports and recreation equipment, such as mountain bikes or hiking gear. Other trails are less demanding and ideal for casual holiday participants.

The hinterland of Novalja – the Novalja fields – is crisscrossed with extensive bicycle trails that pass between the numerous vineyards. Cycling along these trails in peace and quiet, you’ll experience the beauty of this area in a unique way. The Novalja – Lun – Novalja Bike Race is a sporting event often held in our town.

Here are some of the trails around Novalja:


This trail connects Pag and Novalja through some interesting residential areas. This is a macadam trail, not too demanding for beginners and with many places to stop for refreshments. Halfway along the trail is a spring of fresh drinking water. You will also see ornithological nature reserves along the train.


This trail allows you to reach Pag or Novalja from the area of Kolan. Although relatively demanding, especially on the route by Mandra, this trail is interesting because you pass through fields and gullies. You can also purchase local products in Kolan.


This starts at the Old Novalja ferry dock and ends on Zrće Beach. Ten kilometres long, it runs past several beaches and allows you to branch off towards Žigljen, where a UFO park is located. The most important part of this trail, and the reason it got its name, is the fact that you can see the stonepits.


This paved trail is particularly enjoyable for beginners, whether hiking or biking, since it doesn’t require any special routes or orientation skills. Here you can explore the smaller paths and numerous hills and bridges without getting lost or feeling exhausted.


The trail to the wine cellars isn’t an easy one – it is steep and sharp and it requires focus and physical strength. The trail to the wine cellars is marked by views of the Novalja Fields and it offers a welcome menu.


This is the best trail for getting to know the Novalja area. During the high season, it is necessary to be careful since this trail is also a road. The route includes relaxation on the beaches of Potočnica and Jakišnica, while the Lun olive groves offer a special kind of experience. Some of the olive trees are up to a thousand years old.


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