Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch – unique place in the heart of Velebit

Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is situated in a valley at the base of Velebit Mountain, inside Velebit Nature Park, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Since its inception, Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch has been celebrated around the world for its rich history, rustic elegance, breathtaking scenery, and outstanding service. Comprised of acres of pristine wilderness with meadows, mountain peaks. and winding creeks, the ranch has been the backdrop for countless family vacations, many group and corporate retreats, several outdoor weddings, and a wide variety of commercial film and photography projects.

Our all-inclusive ranch ensures that visits to Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch are memorable for their adventures and amenities, not logistical challenges.

As Europe’s only DK Eyewitness Travel Luxury Ranch, our property truly stands apart from other luxury resorts. The idea of a guest ranch is that you are a guest, rather than a lodger, visiting a home away from home and taking part in the same adventures and traditions as if you owned it.

It is our pleasure to offer all gourmet meals, a robust outdoor activities program, experienced staff, and expert guides, and top-of-the-the-line gear based on the idea that our mountain will become your playground for the length of your stay.

Every morning as a wisp of smoke escapes through the chimney, the aroma of freshly brewed oriental coffee greets guests to our dining room. Inside, country charm meets eco-friendly chic, where locally made wooden tables and hand-hewn beams add to the ambiance. We believe your vacation at our ranch is more than just a vacation, it is a culinary getaway of the high order. Our food has been called “soul food” and designated as “cooked with love”.

It is best described as a Croatian mosaic of world flavors – a sensational fusion of Mediterranean dishes plated with an international flair. Everything we serve is prepared fresh from scratch the same day in our open country kitchen, using the very best ingredients.

Eating food grown on-site or foraged from the nearby meadows and forest is at the heart of every Linden Tree menu. Respect for the sustainable production, harvest, and preparation of these ingredients is always at the forefront of our minds.

Dining in one of our accommodation facilities, en-suite and alfresco dining in the meadow or on a private balcony is a special treat for couples taking romantic holidays, for anniversary celebrations, and for honeymoon vacations.

Have you ever heard of Vitamin N? It cannot be synthesized in labs yet it is vital for us to have a meaningful and balanced life. N stands for Nature! Nature helps boost our immune system, reduces stress and blood pressure, elevates focus and mood, accelerates healing, and improves our sleep/wake balance.

By its very definition, wellness is the achievement of a balance of the mind, spirit, and body that results in overall well-being. Forest bathing (inhaling beneficial phytoncides), active and passive meditation in forests – especially old-growth forests, unplugging (from technology) by choice, sleeping outdoors (like in our tipis or river tents), nourishing your body with natural-sourced and organic foods, massaging your body, challenging your body, thrilling your psyche, immersing yourself in a demonstrably remote and authentically wild environment, childlike play, and doing nothing at all are all prescriptions for improved wellness.

Here at Linden Tree, all of that comes naturally. Our grounds are designed as physical and spiritual sanctuary offering yoga, wellness, and restorative treatments for body and soul. A secluded compound with an outdoor treatment room, yoga room, Siberian cedar hot tub, heated swimming pool, and tranquil outdoor lounge spaces fosters healing and wellness processes inside your body. Throughout the season we host various practitioners and professionals who offer their wellness services to our guests, ranging from individual to group seasons: yoga, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, and fitness.

Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is a beautiful, charming, and unique place in the heart of Velebit Mountain in Croatia. If you love nature and need to escape from busy city life or commercial tourism, this is the place.

Our address is: Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch Velika Plana, Croatia

M: +385 99 208 2222


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