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Senj is a coastal town whose history dates back three thousand years. In antiquity, it was called Senia, while in the Middle Ages the town belonged to the Frankopans, who were the Princes of Krk, and was a stronghold of the Uskoks.

The Nehaj Fortress proudly stands above the town as a lasting reminder of its glorious past. This is one of Senj’s most recognizable symbols, and also offers fantastic views of the town, the islands, and the hinterland.

The streets of Senj tell the stories of people who walked here long before us, like the Uskoks who moved here under cover of night, or the poets and writers for whom Senj was an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Senj was the birthplace and residence of writers and poets who were some of Croatia’s most prominent of the time, and in whose memory busts have been set up in the Park of Poets.

Those who know Senj only for the bura wind will be delighted by its numerous secluded beaches, the thick forests that surround the town, and the awe-inspiring view of Mount Velebit.

The area of the town of Senj is an attractive destination for guests of all ages who have different wishes and reasons for traveling. Whether you’d like to enjoy a romantic or quiet family holiday, try outdoor activities in stunning nature, or simply find a perfect place under the sun, Senj is the right choice for you!

In the coves around Senj, along the coast of the Velebit Channel, there are many fishing villages with a natural charm that are the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the past, people from these places were mostly fishermen, seafarers, or merchants.

Our sea is crystal clear, as the nearest industrial town is 80 km away. There are endless perfect places to enjoy the sun and swim in the clear Adriatic waters. This area is ideal for a family holiday or a romantic getaway because of the peace and quiet that it offers. Wherever you look, you’ll see stunning natural scenery or traces of the past.

Guests can find accommodation in campsites and private apartments, while refreshments are available in local restaurants and traditional konoba-style taverns.

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