Nakovana – a real inspiration for romantics and artists

According to legend, once upon a time on Pelješac, there lived three brothers, all of them blacksmiths.

One day they decided to divide their property. One brother received the smithy, the house in which he stayed, another received the forge, and the third – the anvil. So, three settlements were formed – Kučište, Viganj, and Nakovana.

Nakovana is one of the oldest places on the peninsula, and the Grad hill on which it is built resembles an anvil in shape. Illyrian tribes lived there in ancient times. The natural fortress was further strengthened by ramparts and walls. Allegedly, they accumulated their treasures looted from Roman and Greek ships there. At the archaeological site, the cave of Spila Nakovana, an Illyrian fertility shrine was found.

Nakovana is uninhabited today, but still beautiful. The easiest trail to the top of St. Elijah passes through it. You are going to enjoy the peace and quiet of this abandoned stone village. A real inspiration for romantics and artists.

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