Preparations for the jubilee 25th edition of Fiumanka

Jubilee 25th edition of Fiumanka will be held for ten days, from 6 to 16 June 2024

Introduction to the anniversary edition international sailing events it will be Student Fiumanka. On Thursday, June 6, the international student regatta YUFE – the European network of 10 universities will first sail and continue from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 9 with regattas of students, that is, components of the University of Rijeka. Even if the Student Day Festival were to take place on the same weekend, it would be a truly well-rounded student weekend of sports and entertainment.

Photo by Fiumanka

The week from June 10 to 14 will be dedicated to the topic of sustainability. Namely, JK Maxi and Fiumanka are coordinators in the new EU project Sail for Sustainability which is carried out among six partner countries with the aim of promoting and applying the principles of sustainability. 

Fiumanka was started in honor of the patron saint of our city, St. They see that in the jubilee year, there is a beautiful and rare opportunity to sail on the holiday itself, June 15, which this year falls on a Saturday. With sails at sea and in the harbor and a program for St. Visible all over the city, we believe that Rijeka will celebrate its Day in the most beautiful way possible.

The Great Fiumanka will be preceded by a business and media regatta, as well as a few animation regattas, and an upcoming meeting with the representatives of the maxi sailboat association has been announced, who also expressed their intention to strengthen the Maxi On regatta within the Fiumanka. 

In addition to the sports program at sea, there will also be accompanying music and entertainment programs this year, and we hope that all events around Fiumanka will conclude with surf and SUP regattas, as in recent years. In the coming months, the program will be further enriched with different contents, about which we will inform you regularly. 


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