In Search of Wild Orchids

Orchids are the most abundant plant family in the world. Most people see them only as gorgeous decorative houseplants, not knowing they will undoubtedly encounter orchids during a walk through nature!

Almost 200 species of orchids grow in Croatia. Unlike tropical species, which mostly grow as epiphytes on trees, in the earth’s temperate zone, orchids grow only on the ground. Most of them grow in open habitats (grasslands), but there are also only forest species.

In the Neretva area, orchids have been studied for many years, with 25 species identified so far! Take a walk and get to know the diverse and colourful orchards of the Neretva!

But don’t forget that all orchids in Croatia are strictly protected species, and picking them is forbidden. However,carry memories of them or capture their beauty with your camera.

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