Festival of Lights Zagreb


The arrival of spring and the notion of light have always been associated with each other. Full of joy, we return to the streets of our city and absorb the new energy illuminated by the brilliant art, proving that spring really is the renaissance within us and around us. A combination of art, design, spectacle, entertainment and architecture will once again enliven the popular locations of the Upper and Lower Town.

Festival of Lights Zagreb is not only a place of magical light installations, impressive projection mapping, playful animations and colourful objects, but also a place of good emotions, positive energy and a perfect spot to welcome the spring that we’re all eagerly anticipating. During the five days of the festival, we will hand over the streets, parks, squares, promenades and buildings to local and foreign artists who will transform the city into their own canvas and a playful backdrop for numerous forms of innovative art.

With the beginning of the Festival of Lights Zagreb, we invite everyone to come to our city and join us in welcoming the arrival of longer and warmer days in this spectacular way. This year’s program combines the best of visual and performing arts and modern technology.

Indulge yourself in the emotions that the light awakens in us as we welcome a new beginning and new hope – spring!

Author: festivalsvjetlazagreb.hr

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