The Rattkay of Veliki Tabor family and the Church

This exibition presents  the Rattkay noble family, one of the most importnant and distinguished aristocratic families in Croatia from the early sixteenth to the late eighteenth century. Although the family died out in 1793., their historical artistic legacy still bears witness to the past.

The Rattkays fought against the Ottoman Turks, were appointed for high public office, joined church orders and held high church honours. Many family members made donations for the construction and furnishing of numerous religious buildings (churches in Zagorska Sela, Desinić, Taborsko, Krapina, Lepoglava, Senj, Vinagora, Klanjec).

Several family members joined the priesthood: Juraj II Rattkay of Veliki Tabor (1613-1666), Zagreb Canon, was the author of the first printed book Croatian history Memoria regum et banorum regnorum Dalmatiae, Croatiae et Sclavoniae (1652). Adam Benedikt Rattkay (1678/79-1718) was Bishop of Senj-Modruša.

Nikola I Rattkay (1600 – 1662) was missionary in India. Ivan II Adam Rattkay (1647 – 1683) was missionary in the north of Mexico. He drew up a first geographical map of the  Tarahumara Province.

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