Vinistra – En Primeur 2023

Esplanade Hotel, Zagreb, Monday, 13.2.
Organized by the Vinistra association, the first tasting of young wines made from grape variety Istrian Malvasia is being held at the Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb.

En primeur is a common way of tasting young wines in France, which is why the Vinistra association organized its first en primeur Malvasia tasting in 2012. In 2013, the Graševina Croatica association joined the event, and in 2014, the Vino Dalmacije association also joined.

With the en primeur tastings, i.e. presenting young Malvasia wines, we want to show the potential of the vintage to professionals in enogastronomy and make it easier for them to make a decision about buying or booking young wines. Winemakers present their young wines, usually still unclarified, like must, and the whole idea is to try to deduce what the wine will be like in its maturity.

For professionals and the public

The tasting is divided into two time frames; for professionals (caterers, sommeliers, wine shop owners, etc.) and for the media and the public representatives. The event is also open to the public so that passionate lovers of this holy drop, who did not dedicate their professional lives to winemaking, can still enjoy it.

The continuous growth of the number of winemakers and regions participating in this event speaks in favor of the importance of young vintage tastings and such events, and it certainly contributes to the development of wine culture in our region.


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