Kupa spring with its close surroundings

The area was proclaimed a protected area on 12th December 1963 with its surface area of 10 ha.

The Kupa River source is one of many unsolved karst riddles, one of the most powerful, most extended and deepest Croatian wellsprings. 321 metres above sea level, the shaped water mass of the turquoise green and blue lake will enchant you by its appearance.

The upper flow of the Kupa River is, thanks to the wealth of its flora and fauna, called the Enchanted butterfly valley.

This region is very appealing to visitors, who mostly arrive from the directions of Razloge and Hrvatsko:

Razloge – Source of the Kupa Trail – The village of Razloge, located on the slopes above the source of the river Kupa, can be accessed by the Crni Lug- Gerovo road, from which you need to turn right after Malo Selo to reach the narrow asphalt road which leads to Razloge after 8 kilometres. Because of the narrow street, access to village is possible by small bus or by personal car. There you can find a large parking lot and info point, while the trail leading to the source begins somewhat farther away, next to the visitor centre called Gorski Kotar House of Knowledge (Goranska kuća znanja). The path leads to the source of the Kupa following a descent that is mild at first and later turns steep, intersecting the Krašićevica canyon at the bottom. The canyon is walkable most of the year, except when the river floods during periods of heavy rain and in spring when the snows are melting. During those times, access to source of the Kupa is impeded by large amounts of water, even though it is located nerely 5 minutes away.    

Time: 35 min
– Altitude at start: 550 m
– Altitude at end: 321 m
– Altitude difference:-229
– Total length: 1820 m
– Trail difficulty: Intermediate
– Best seasons to visit: spring, summer, autumn, winter

Hrvatsko – Source of the Kupa Trail – Hrvatsko is a village located on the border with Slovenia, and it can be accessed from the road leading from Delnice and Brod na Kupi, from the direction of Gerovo – Zamost and from the direction of Čabar. The trail begins on the left bank of the river, at a marked location. The first part of the trail that leads to the village of Kupari is known as the Fisherman’s Path (Ribička staza), and it follows the course of the river and features several rest stops. From Kupari, a macadam road leads onwards, passing through the villages of Srednji Kupari and Gornji Kupari.

In Gornji Kupari, there is another visitor centre – Birth House of the River Kupa (Rodna kuća rijeke Kupe). The trail continues straight through the meadow that crosses the Sušica canyon (which also floods occasionally), then crosses the pedestrian bridge to reach the right bank of the Kupa river. The trail ascends and descends following the canyon until it reaches the source of the river.

Time: 1h 30 min
-Altitude at start: 295 m
-Altitude at end: 321 m
-Altitude difference:-26
-Total length: 4850 m
-Trail difficulty: Easy
-Best seasons to visit: spring, summer, autumn, winter

Author: np-risnjak.hr/en

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