19.-28.08.2022. Špancirfest

Over ten fabulous days, the historical centre of Varaždin magically transforms itself into a unique festival stage – full of colour, entertainment and feel-good vibes. Street performances, lively concerts, creative workshops, exhibitions, street stalls and gastronomic delights all help this festival attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every single year.

Špancirfest is the largest and most popular festival in Croatia. More than just a street festival, it’s also a celebration of music, theatre, food and creative arts – blended together with a traditional and party atmosphere. An event with overflowing diversity that for more than twenty years, continues to win the hearts and souls of tens of thousands of visitors, who eagerly gather among the streets of Varaždin’s historic centre ready to feel the unique and unforgettable magic of Špancirfest.

Over ten festival days, the petite streets, quaint squares and parks of the large pedestrian zone in the heart of Varaždin beautifully transform into festival stages. A venue for music, theatre, dance performances, artistic studios, rich open-air exhibitions and of course, great food – not forgetting the party element – together creates a fabulous city venue to say farewell to the summer.

So, perhaps the best way to answer the question of what Špancirfest actually is, is to ask “What it isn’t?”

Špancirfest is a large and important cultural and touristic event, which marked Varaždin forever on the touristic and cultural map, not only of Croatia, but also of the wider region. It is a festival that contains a whole series of contents rich enough to function as an independent manifestation, and harmoniously united in Špancirfest, Varaždin is transformed into the center of the world for ten days at the end of August every year.

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