The olive gardens of Lun

Welcome to the olive groves of the village of Lun – a peaceful oasis and one of the most picturesque and beautiful spots on the island of Pag. These parts show traces of nature’s bounty, which truly take your breath away.

For centuries, about 80,000 wild olive trees growing on an area covering 400 ha, have been grafted by using scions of cultivated olive varieties, primarily those of the olive cultivar oblica. Among the many olive trees that grow here, 1 500 wild olives (Olea oleaster) stand out in particular, reaching a height of 5–8 meters. This area covered in wild olives is the only one of its kind in the Adriatic and is highly botanically valuable. In 1963, owing to its unique properties, it was designated as a botanical reserve.

The oldest olive tree in the Olive Gardens of Lun has been around for over 2 000 years, which makes it one of the three oldest olive trees in the world, along with trees from Greece and Israel.

Regain your strength in the invigorating silence among these ancient trees, and rediscover the peace and quiet missing in your busy everyday life.


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