Activities in the Nature Park Vransko jezero


Vransko Lake is rich in fish. Mullets and Eels indicate a connection between the Lake and the sea because the species spend different periods of their lives in freshwater and regularly migrate from Vransko Lake into the sea and vice versa. Eel is strictly protected and it is prohibited to catch it!

ln order to maintain a balance between the needs of birds, fish, and humans/fishermen, the Public institution Vransko Lake Nature Park is responsible for the management of the fish population, respecting the positive law regulations while following the latest guidance of professional studies.

It is necessary to comply with the rules, ensuring that some species in this region don’t become just a myth from the past. Sportfishing in the Park is allowed outside the borders of the Ornithological Reserve in the period from sunrise until 11 PM. With the purchase of a fishing license, all fishermen can lake 2 pieces of fish such as Pike, Catfish, Carp, Tench and Mullet weighing up to 8 kg, while Prussian carp, Pumpkinseed, Eastern Mosquitofish, and False harlequin can be caught without limitation. The best fishing sites you can find in Drage and near the Prosika port.


Take a walk along the wooden educational trail in the Ornithological Reserve and enter to the magnificent world of birds. At info center Crkvine you can hire binoculars and bird watching guides, while any additional information you will get from our information and on educational boards on the 600 m long trail.

lf you want to find out which birds are hiding in the wide reed bed, on flood-meadows and the lateral canal, the stone ornithological viewpoint at Majdan will be your next location.

With an electric bicycle, that can be hired at lnfo center Crkvine, you can easily visit an education trail on birds of prey, located along the panoramic bicycle track from Majdan to Bašinka. There you will also find wooden birdwatching towers where you can relax in the shade and follow the contours of the western marsh harrier, common buzzard, or sparrow hawk while it soars in the sky.


Choose kayaking or cycling if you want to join nature actively. There is about 80 km of bicycle routes in the Park, divided into 5 routes. Most of the panoramic bike route is isolated from roads, going through the Ornithological Reserve while offering a view on the Lake almost every second.

The rural bike route is passing through the peaceful, rural landscape of lake’s background – Ravni Kotari, leading you to the Viewpoint Kamenjak – an unavoidable “must-see” area. Kayaking is one of the best ways to experience Lake. We offer sit-on-top kayaks for 1 and 2 persons and fishing kayaks. At lnfo center Prosika you can rent kayaks and bikes, while electric bikes will wait for you at lnfo center Crkvine.


Only in the woods, one can find true peace. A circular botanical hiking trail will lead you through a typical karst ambiance down the Mernjača canyon, while on your way up, through the Orlja Draga canyon, you will be welcomed by the magical oak forest.

Spots with the view on the Lake are just a small introduction to the spectacular view that awaits you at the end of the climb, at the viewpoint Kamenjak.

After the refreshment in the tavern and the tasting of local specialties, take a walk along the 200 m long stone educational trail “Viewpoint Kamenjak”, from the plateau with the church of Ali Saints to telescope, a place where you will have a whole Lake, Modrave and the Kornati archipelago at your pleasure.

Author: Park prirode Vransko jezero

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