Valpovo Regional Museum in Prandau-Normann Castle

Valpovo, a little town with a long and rich history. It’s located only 30 km from Osijek. Valpovo was first mentioned in historical documents from the 14th century.

Valpovo Regional Museum is situated in the former family home of Valpovo landowners, the Baroque castle Prandau-Normann, in the city centre. Besides viewing the castle, our visitors have the opportunity to walk through the scenic inner courtyard of the Valpovo fortress and castle, see the authentic medieval interior of the tower with a view of Valpovo and surroundings, visit the royal chapel with the sounds of valuable historic organs, explore the moat and gardens by the castle, hear interesting stories and legends from the past about the castle and its residents… Museum also houses an exhibition of the heritage of noble families Prandau-Normann who had influenced development of the economy and culture for several centuries in these areas, leaving behind a wealth of today’s exceptionally valuable cultural heritage.

It is little known that the Valpovo castle is among three most valuable castles in Continental Croatia, in the area of 220 castles and manors.

Upon arrival in the Valpovština Museum located in the castle, one enters the residential setting of Valpovo noblemen. All the items at the permanent exhibit are family heritage of the Prandau-Normann nobles.

Recently discovered legacy of Valpovo castle is also a large photographic collection by famous photographers from 19th and early 20th century.


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