Enjoy the magical colours of Autumn on the Gacka River springs

In search of peace and life’s inspiration, a man living a modern lifestyle has developed a strong need to seek out intact and pristine nature.

To find such a place in this modern day and age is an equivalent of a happy return to a forgotten safe haven, a birthplace of sorts. The Gacka river is that kind of a destination, a safe haven for all who seek it’s relaxing clear waters.

Take a walk along the river’s embankment, sit down and relax with the calming sounds and let the whispers of the opal coloured beauty in. 

The ever growing number of visitors have had their attention drawn by the Autumn colours of the unavoidable Majerovo and Tonković Springs, as well as the Young Bear Cub Velebit orphanage and it’s furry inhabitants. The Museum of Gacka and other culture-historical sites such as Gacka Park of croatian memories, Fortica fortress and the god Mithra’s sanctuary have also had their fair share of attention from the curious culture seeking visitors. 

Make sure to visit the Honey Trail of Gacka valley, and don’t miss the opportunity to visit  at least one of the eleven local Honey businesses to enjoy their offer, which includes – an educational brief tour of the honey bee hives, learning about the honey bees while trying out some of the products, getting some souvenirs and much needed immunity boosting homegrown honey. 

Spend a weekend in our hotels or the wonderful family owned private accomodations and discover apitherapy – a new sort of health tourism, based on the proper usage of honey bee products and their combinations for maximizing the healing effects of their usage.  

We’re expecting you soon! 

Author: discover-otocac.com

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