Šibenik: 2 UNESCO sites, 2 National parks, 4 fortresseses, 24 churches…

Welcome to Šibenik, the oldest Croatian city on the Adriatic coast and the center of the Šibenik tourist region.

Unlike other cities on the Adriatic coast, which originated in antiquity, Šibenik was founded by the Croats after the great movement of the peoples at the end of the 9th or beginning of the 10th century. Its name was mentioned for the first time in 1066.

The old city of Šibenik is one of the largest and best preserved authentic medieval towns. Its historical core started to develop at the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century and has become part of the St.James cathedral, a protected area, which since 2000 is under the patronage of UNESCO as a part of the world cultural and historical heritage.

It derived its present day appearance in the middle of the 15th to the middle of the 17th century when Šibenik, owing to the salt and wine trade, maritime affairs and the income from the mills on the River Krka, began to thrive economically and culturally. It is from this period that Šibenik’s houses, palaces, and streets originated, as well as St. James Cathedral and the Town hall.

Juraj Dalmatinac, one of the greatest European architects and artists of the period, left his indelible architectural mark here. The old city of Šibenik which we walk along today is a time capsule of stone in which time stopped still.

Author: www.visitsibenik.hr

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