For twenty-three years, at the end of August, the historic city core of Varaždin is transformed into the largest stage in Croatia.

During the ten days of Špancirfest, the streets, squares, palaces, parks, gardens, and courtyards of historic Varaždin become stages, theatres, restaurants, bars, clubs, classrooms, and shops at the largest, most popular, and most diverse Croatian festival. Over the past twenty years, many have asked themselves what exactly is Špancirfest. The most accurate answer would be “What isn’t it?”


For, Špancirfest is both a street and a music festival. It is a festival of people who like taking walks, as well as those who like to party, it is a festival of hedonism, an art festival, a festival of tradition, and a festival of contemporary creative production. A festival where you can truly relax or completely burn out. It is precisely this creative ambiguity, this immeasurable diversity and variability merged with the beautiful historical core of the city of Varaždin that makes Špancirfest so successful, popular, great, and unique.

Every year, Špancirfest offers its visitors a rich concert program, the best European and world street performers, acrobats, and entertainers, an innovative creative program consisting of workshops, studios, and open-air exhibitions honoring the long and important tradition of craftsmanship in Varaždin.

Špancirfest brings to the streets and squares of Varaždin a luxurious and diverse, even cosmopolitan culinary offer, theatre performances, a wide range of children’s attractions, and the unparalleled spirit of connection between the festival, the city, and the thousands of visitors who enjoy everything this unique festival has to offer each day, which is why they visit it year after year.

Today, Špancirfest is a great and important cultural and tourist event that has forever inscribed Varaždin on the tourist and cultural map of not just Croatia, but also the wider region. It is a festival that bears a collection of happenings splendid enough to work as independent events but is harmoniously united in Špancirfest, and every year for ten days at the end of August, they transform Varaždin into the center of the world.

Author: spancirfest.com/en

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