Helter Skelter MTB Marathon – The beauty of racing in Rabac

In the past few years, Rabac has become one of the most famous and the most popular MTB destinations in Croatia. The place where the first trail center in Croatia was built, the place where professional cycling clubs hold their training, where the leading MTB authorities do their camps. The popularity of Rabac and the Labin region was certainly greatly contributed by the most attractive race, which will be held in 2021 for the third time – HELTER SKELTER MTB MARATHON.

Date: 08.05.2021.

There are several reasons why the Helter Skelter MTB Marathon and Rabac are well known as a destination for a top cycling experience. First of all, an attractive and beautiful location on the east coast of Istria, where the coast plunges steeply into the Adriatic Sea. Views from the trail are looking towards the Kvarner islands, Rijeka, Učka as well as the tame heartland of the largest Croatian peninsula. Rabac also offers quality and very diverse accommodation, and in the case of the Helter Skelter race, there are excellent Valamar hotels at the very start of the race, at affordable prices.

But, what makes Rabac and the Helter Skelter MTB marathon unique are their trails. A bunch of single trails, steep ascents, long and fast descents, a combination of all possible surfaces, all spiced with constant panoramic views. 

And the pulse is in red.

This year, the race will be even more attractive and interesting because a wide macadam road leading from Rabac to the plateau has been broken through and “polished” to a perfect “gravel”, which opens up to us countless possibilities for creating a trail.

The race will have 2 trails and 4 categories: Men, Men Masters, Men Grand Masters, and Women.

A special story in Rabac is the E-MTB race. We responsibly claim that Rabac is probably the best destination for E-MTB by far. Therefore, if you are a fan of E-MTB you should not miss Rabac in any case.

Author: www.rabac-labin.com / www.adriabike.hr

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