The valley of Neretva

The valley of Neretva is a land you dream of, an untouched part of nature where you’ll feel the call of unbridled nature, as well as welcoming hosts.
Goran Šafarek

The ride on narrow canals and backwaters of the Neretva in the traditional boat is a unique experience that will offer you a feeling of nirvana. The boat of Neretva meant life and nowadays it means pride and an indelible trace of tradition which fascinates, again and again, every visitor to our valley.

Boris Kragić

The boat will be guided by your host who will make you familiar with the life in Neretva, show you how people of Neretva fish, and cultivate citrus fruits as their symbols (mandarins, figs, grapes).

Enjoy an authentic experience, revealing small secrets of the widely-known local delicacies, toasting you with Neretva wine from wooden jugs, and of course, singing to your heart’s delight. In that perfect labyrinth of canals adorned with beautiful water-lilies, unique samples of birds live in their hidden abodes, covered by bulrushes and reeds.

And finally, the secret of the sunken town – the lake of Kuti.


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