The Annual Carnival Pageant from the villages at the foot of the Kamešnica mountain and Cetina Region Carnival

Sinj and the Cetina region have long attracted attention with unique and exciting events. One of them is certainly their well-known Cetina Region Carnival.

Cetina Region Carnival should have been held for the seventh time this year, as well as the centuries-old gatherings of Carnival groups in the Podkamešnica villages, which were supposed to precede the festival and the usual final carnival events. However, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it was all postponed for the next year.

At the Carnival, numerous Carnival groups present themselves to the general public in one place. The result is a lively, cheerful, colorful, and noisy procession that maintains a long tradition, according to carefully and strictly established rules.

The annual carnival pageants in the villages at the foot of the Kamešnica mountain are the best bearers and guardians of carnival customs in the Cetina region. After the Holy Three Kings’ feast on January 6, they set out on visits to villages and hamlets. How precious they are is also evidenced by the fact that they are on the list of protected intangible cultural assets of the Republic of Croatia.


Photography: Milan Šabić / Monika Vrgoč

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