The city of Otočac is hosting the Bowling World Cup in 2021

The bowling club “Velebit” Otočac is the co-organizer of the Bowling World Cup in 2021 together with the World Bowling Association – WNBA-NBC. In the time period from 5 to 9 October 2021, Otočac Bowling Alley will host the most prestigious bowling club competition, yearly competition of European clubs in classic bowling in male and female competition – 15 best states’ champions.

The need for building a bowling alley in the city of Otočac arose from the fact that bowling clubs from the city of Otočac: Bowling Club “Gacka”, Bowling Club “Velebit” and Bowling Club “Vatrogasac” have a long history of existence and results, and they didn’t have the conditions for practicing and improvement, as well as conditions for attracting and training new members in their clubs. The building of the bowling alley started in October 2016 and was completed in September 2017.

The history of bowling in the city of Otočac goes all the way back to 1948 when the Bowling Club “Gacka” was founded, at the time the first and only bowling club in Otočac, which is one of the oldest bowling clubs in the Republic of Croatia, which has operated without interruption since its founding.

From the Bowling Club “Gacka” in 1983 descended the Bowling Club “Vatrogasac” which had an interruption of club activities from 1991 until 2011, when it was activated again, and the Bowling Club “Velebit” which was founded in 1976, which is divided into two teams, “Velebit I” and “Velebit II”, due to a large number of its members.

The results from competitions and struggle of bowling clubs for their continuation and preservation are, along with the encouragement of a healthy lifestyle, one of the important reasons why the city of Otočac decided to carry out the project “Bowling Alley Otočac”.


Bartola Kašića 17a, 53220 Otočac, Working hours: Monday-Friday: 15-22h, Saturday-Sunday: as appointed

Contact: Damir Sladović 0998411333



Photography: Nikola Radelić

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