The tale of autumn – 13th Vukovar Ethnic Fair

High temperatures and heat are behind us… We can feel the soft serenity of nature, as though it has taken a sigh of relief and started to breathe again. Autumn is at our doorstep.

Perhaps autumn is not our favourite season, since everyone always thinks of the dull autumn rain, short days, long nights, different shades of grey, the slow death of nature… But that is the end of autumn! The beginning is magnificent, incredibly colourful and fragrant – wherever you look, you can see leaves in warm colours and all the wealth that is the result of nature’s grace and human labour. From golden sunflowers, large brown chestnuts and ripe corn, through sweet-smelling vineyards to apples, pears and squashes – the queens of autumn. A rustling rainbow-coloured carpet at our feet, and not even a hint of summer in the air.

The aroma of abundance and joy prevails…

13th Vukovar Ethnic Fair

Autumn… our warm autumn…

So dear to our hearts, pleasing to our eyes and irresistible to our palates!

Grandeur and abundance, tradition and beauty, hardworking hands and fragrant fruits.

An explosion of colours and aromas, a wealth of flavours!

You can experience all of the above in one place, at the 13th Vukovar Ethnic Fair, held on the last Saturday in September!

Producers, presenters, brewers, visitors, folklorists and tambura players, all in the heart of Vukovar, grateful to life and autumn’s fruits. And of course, for the youngest – in addition to a play, we also offer an ethnic carousel! A small reminder of times past – thirteen years ago, all of the necessary people came together and launched this Fair. It is a fair showcasing traditional and artistic crafts, hand-made items and antiques, as well as food and beverage makers, containing items both for exhibiting and for sale. It is held with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship, producers and family farms, as well as of education regarding the various segments of their operation.

It has grown, changed, improved and adapted to circumstances, with mutual respect and appreciation for the different personalities involved in its realization. This did not go unnoticed – in 2018, the Vukovar Ethnic Fair received special acknowledgement for its promotion of traditional products, awarded as part of the Sunflowers of Rural Tourism award, in the “Rural Tourism Events” category. This is an acknowledgement of the hard work of all participants, from the organizers to the presenters and visitors; it is an endorsement of perseverance, steadfastness and faith in the rightness of one’s work; and ultimately, it is the faith in the little man, the producer of traditional products and healthy food, who is the best proof of the good foundation on which our country rests – diligent, hardworking people whom we wish to sincerely thank in this manner.

Over the years, brewers and craft breweries have joined the Fair, which has led to Vukovar Oktoberfest being held as part of the Fair; this year, the Vukovar brass orchestra will perform. There is no better place to promote beer and breweries than Vukovar and its Fair – after all, the first beer ever brewed was brewed in Vučedol.

In addition to the colours and aromas of autumn fruits, the beauty of the traditional costume will likewise attract attention. By organising a meeting of folklore ensembles, HKGD Dunav, along with its guests, has provided this multitude of colours and liveliness titled “Dunav svome gradu” (The Danube to its town). Last but not least, to mark the end of the gathering – a concert will be held.

This relatively new autumn fair, regardless of its newness, has earned its place on the map of fairs to visit and more importantly, in the hearts of people.

See you in Vukovar at the Vukovar Ethnic Fair!


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