Holiday homes with a story

Holiday homes with a story” – one of the most successful projects aiming at raising the quality and valorization of the Varaždin County rural areas

Over the last few years, the north of Croatia has become more interesting to the tourists eager to discover nature, traditions, and people, enjoy the traditional food, scents, time, serenity, and immediate contact with the hosts.

Driven by the desire to offer a high-quality special experience, the Varaždin County Tourist Board has developed a project called „Holiday homes with a story“, which has proven to be one of the most successful projects aiming at raising the quality and valorization of the rural areas.

The diversity of our area is reflected in different “stories” told through the architecture, the objects, the experience, and the atmosphere of each “Holiday home with a story”. Situated in the idyllic Varaždin area, holiday homes offer a high-quality vacation. Many of them are equipped with jacuzzis, saunas, and outdoor swimming pools, thus being a perfect choice for those wanting to spend their vacation surrounded only by nature.

The number of „Holiday homes with a story“ quality label holders has increased to 46 with 223 beds in total

After launching the official MyVarazdinHoliday ( website, which presents all the standard holders in one place, publishing a trilingual catalogue and numerous promotional campaigns, primarily in the German market, „Holiday homes with a story“ have become a recognizable brand and a synonym for high-quality private accommodation in Varaždin County. After on-site assessment visits and evaluations, 12 new holiday homes joined the existing ones in the third certification round in August, raising the number of „Holiday homes with a story“ quality label holders to 46 with 233 beds in total.

Pandemic results exceed all expectations – tourism sustainability

Official numbers prove that this project is a true example of the development of high-quality, responsible, and sustainable tourism resistant to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 34 „Holiday homes with a story“ quality label holders recorded more than 90% of the last year’s overnight stays by the end of August. More than 70% of the guests were foreigners.

The reason for that is the fact that, with all the benefits of modern technology, „Holiday homes with a story“ can satisfy the need for isolation, privacy, peace, and comfort, especially needed during the pandemic.

Local community development

By connecting with the Varaždin County farmers, this project encourages local community development. The Varaždin County Tourist Board has created the Varaždin box („Varaždinska kištrica“), which is given to every holiday home. It contains pumpkin seed oil, honey, pumpkin seed spread, lavender, gingerbread, and jams from the local family farms. The box is a welcome present for the guests, presenting the Varaždin County autochthonous products.


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