Kayaking with a view into the depths of the river

Transparent kayaks give you a unique experience to take a peek into the depth and freshness of the Gacka River.

Due to the crystallized purity of Gacka, in order to bring closer to the tourists the natural resources of this region an innovative offer of sailing by the Gacka River, in a transparent kayak, was developed.

The project was recognized and awarded; Eyes of Gacka, an award of the Croatian Tourist Board.

Transparent kayak is made of a specific material used in the manufacture of bulletproof glass, which makes it strong and firm. This open two-seater is ideal for relaxed paddling and exploring the flora and fauna of the Gacka River. Do you imagine an ideal day spent in nature paddling and enjoying with friends and family with photos of the world beneath the surface of the river?  Book this unique offer with us!
Kayak specifications
– the two-seater, length 3.35 m, width 0.86 m, load capacity 230 kg
– the firm, secure and stable
Additional equipment
– 2 seats
– rudder that allows you to hold the direction while paddling
– 2 paddles, protective vests, waterproof bag
Route 5 bridges:
Route length: 8 km
Duration: 2.5 hours
Details: clean and clear river, you can see the variety of flora and fauna, the possibility of rest on the piers after
the 2nd and 3rd bridge with a guide on request
More information: www.velebit.info
You can also try canoeing on the Gacka River through Gacka valley in the idyllic village Prozor near Otočac, 130 km from Zagreb, and only 40 km from the Adriatic Sea and 30 km from Plitvica and Northern Velebit. Renting canoes and equipment (paddles, vest, barrel) is for a minimum time of 1 hour.
For all information and equipment rental contact: www.kanu-gacka.com

Author: tz-otocac.hr

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