The Danube – navigate the main waterway of Europe

The Danube – a short, but mighty word, just as the river that bears the name is mighty and long.

The Danube – wide in its walk, mighty in its flow, important in its significance, unreachable in its strength, exclusive in its wanderings.

The Danube – the second largest river in Europe runs for 2850 km through ten countries on its journey from its source up to its delta.

From Schwarzwald to Schwarzes Meer. From the Black Forest to the Black Sea.

And in between the two blacks, there is an indescribable palette of colours, a composition of blue and green and all the colours of the spectrum that make nature unique and unrepeatable. The patchwork of colours, the richness and beauty of the diversity and traditions of all countries through which this most important “European street” flows.

Because of its multinationality, the Danube is the river with the largest number of names, and because of its importance and significance, it is much more than a geographical item and a statistic, the Danube is a sort of a brand, being closer to a cultural term or concept than a geographical one. The years go by, the changes are inevitable, only the Danube remains forever! IT is the force that connects! Towns situated on waters have a unique charm, something that makes them different from other towns. They seem to breathe some intangible magic and have an amazing power to inspire you and make you return.

Vukovar has not only one river, it has two of them – the Danube and the Vuka.

The rivers of Vukovar are mentioned in a number of poems, one of which says:

Vuka divides you,

Giving you two names,

The New and the Old town.

The Danube is and has been the favourite destination of romantics, bohemians, artists… It is a permanent inspiration to artists, and maybe one of the most notable verses related to the Danube was authored by one of our citizens:

in order to keep the Danube a part of the national anthem,

many young gave their own lives…

This is why we should enjoy that gift, as well as the rivers, which are of crucial importance to people of Vukovar. They anchored their love and all their lives and the life of their town to the Danube banks, and the Danube embraced and hugged Vukovar. The love of people from Vukovar toward rivers cannot be destroyed, belonging to them cannot be “rooted out” – it is stronger than anything and this is why the town and the rivers live together and go on. The Danube banks in the Vukovar-Ilok area represent a promenade of castles, museums, architectural historic complexes, archaeology, natural heritage, bicycle routes, rich cuisine and premium Srijem wines.

Come and see the Danube on the Vukovar Waterbus sightseeing boat – become part of Vukovar’s tourism story.

Come… Feel the nature…

smell the Danube…

breathe in the Danube…

Breathe in the scent of linden trees…

Take the scent of freshness, the scent of Vukovar, with you!


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