Museum of Lika in Gospić

Museum of Lika in Gospić was established 1958 and set up as a central cultural institution of Municipality Gospić. Since then it has been taking care of material and nonmaterial heritage and becomes a place of storage and presentation of the identity of the entire area of Lika and continental part of Lika – Senj County.

In 1964 it was moved in to its present building which has historical value, built in the late 18th century in the late Baroquestyle. The main task of the museum is to introduce rich native cultural and historical heritage through collecting, preserving, protecting, exploring, processing, presenting and publication of the museum collection to the locals as well as to the visitors from other parts.

Overall fundus is allocated to departments: Archaeology, Gallery, CulturalHistory and Ethnography. There are currently four museum displays as part of theMuseum’s Departments: permanent exhibition “Terra Viva” of the Archaeological Department, temporary exhibition “From the Gallery department, fundus 19th and 20th century“ and temporary exhibition of CulturalHistory Department in the Museumbuilding, while the permanent display of the Ethnographic Department is located in a separate reconstructed Lika house – so called brvnašica.

In addition to these permanent exhibition, visitors can see and temporary exhibitions according to annual plans. Museum participates in orconducts archaeological research, such as protective or systematic ones through scientific research connected to its intensive activities.

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