Kuterevo – the bear sanctuary

Kutjevo bear sanctuary provides shelter for bear orphans and protection of bear habitats while promoting sustainable living and tradition of the local mountain community.

Educating visitors and bringing them closer to wildlife and bear charisma is an integral part of the program. In 2005, a Volunteer Station was established to support the project and local community development. In recent years, the Kuterevo Sanctuary for Young Bears has hosted an average of 15 volunteer groups, more than 50 individual volunteers and more than 20, 000 visitors.

Sanctuary can be visited during the spring, summer, and autumn. Since bears are dormant during winter, we avoid disturbing them, and visits are exceptional. During the spring and fall, visitors should contact the Volunteer Station upon arrival to be instructed and informed by one of the long-term volunteers. In the summer, local boaters will welcome and inform you. We recommend visits during the early afternoon or late afternoon, especially during summer days.

The sanctuary is never closed and can be visited from morning until dark, and preferably after 9 am and 8 pm.

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