Festival of oysters

The annual feast of St. Joseph, known as Festival of Oysters this year will also be celebrated at the Riva (Promenade) in Mali Ston. All those who find themselves there will be able to enjoy not only in oysters but also in various types of Pelješac wines which will be sold at promotional prices.

Oysters aficionados say that oyster is the most delicious when it is freshly taken out of the sea, raw and dripped with a few drops of lemon juice. This is exactly how you can taste them at a traditional feast dedicated to the queen of all shells.

In order not to leave everything to the gastronomic and oenological delights, visitors will also enjoy in the entertaining program, folk ensembles – Ponikovska Poskočica and brass band from Ston.

The festival will be moved to the main square in Ston, with an oyster tasting which is actually the most complete and delicious to be consumed in March because oyster is then the fullest. To all visitors will be represented various fish specialties that will go perfectly with a drop of Pelješac wines which you should not miss- because you are in the world famous wine region!

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