Frankopan Castle in Ogulin

The establishment of the town of Ogulin is connected to Bernardin Frankopan, the most famous Croatian nobleman of his time.

He built it above the very abyss of the River Dobra and then gave it its name in the well-known document by which around the year 1500 the newly-built town marked the border between Modruš and Vitunj. From the first written mention, the town of Ogulin was an administrative, cultural, educational, economic, health, religious, military-defensive and transport center for the wider region. The spirit of a docile little town pleasant to live in still prevails to this day.

The Heritage Museum is located in the Frankopan Castle. Several collections are on display: archaeological, ethnographic, a collection of old weapons, a memorial room to Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, a mountaineering and alpinist collection plus an exhibition of the academic painter Stjepan Galetić. On 30th May 2004, a historic unit called the Ogulin Frankopan Guard was established, in memory of the founder of the town Bernardin Frankopan and his brave ancestors, thanks to whom Ogulin was never conquered nor subjugated. The uniforms, insignia and weapons were made following the model of the Ogulin border regiment of the Military Frontier in the 18th and 19th centuries.


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